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Perfect brim

I am not petite, but I like a small brim because a large brim impedes my vision. I have walked into branches, a raised car trunk and an eye-level shelf because a large brim blocked my eyesight. A good product and attractive.

Excellent Quality however Not Petite,

Excellent Quality Cotton hat, however, the description of the hat is described as "Petite" when in fact it is a "one size fits all" hat with an inner string to tighten, the hat is too large and pops off my head. I would not have purchased this hat if I knew it was a one size fits all, other than that it is a great hat! Please design these hats for petite heads!

Cynthia K.
Catalina Petite small brimmed hat

The hat is well made, stylish, packable for travel and provides UV UPF 50+ protection. A great product!

Eileen B.
Petite Catalina small brimmed hat

I’m so pleased to finally be able to get a hat small enough to fit me, especially for playing golf. I will definitely order more!

Barb T.
Perfect fit

I am so happy to finally have a hat to properly fit my petite head and also look good with short hair. And such a fun hat to style!! So many colors to pick from! Thank you

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