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Oh Nicki!! 😊 Received the package from your company today and it was so sweet. Wrapped so nicely with a sweet card. Such a lovely touch. Thank you! I order a lot these days, given the pandemic, and rarely do I receive an order presented so nicely. Really makes a girl feel special. ♥️

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In the midst of all the coronavirus I was diagnosed with cancer. My daughter found your company ordered me one of your bamboo hats. I want to say it is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn in my life. I’m so thankful that she found you. I since then have placed an order for two more hats. I cannot express how thankful I am for your company. Your product is absolutely amazing and I just wanted to let you know thank you for what you do.

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I received my hats today and just love them. I know people say your hair does not define who you are, but your hair is a part of you and when something causes you to lose your hair and start balding and it's out of your control, as a woman it does something to you emotionally. Having beautiful hats to wear that make you feel beautiful gives you a warm feeling. I love that these hats are secure on your bald head and that they are beautiful and light weight. Thank you Nicki Serquinia for making these available and affordable. 💕

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Dear Nicki, I recently received my Newsboy hat and wanted to thank you so much. I’m very happy with it but most of all I was so touched by the time you took to wrap it so beautifully (I’m saving the ribbon)! I also appreciated you card and sticker. These nice touches meant so much to me. Even my husband couldn’t believe the thoughtfulness. I plan on adding a review to your website as well as recommending it to others. Thank you for making my day!

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