Words cannot express how impressed and grateful I am for how quickly and kindly you handled my inquiry about my beret. I was so surprised when I found a package on my doorstep today. I was simply expecting a follow up email, but you went above and beyond. You handled it so quickly and generously. I am very lucky my husband found your website!! Thank you so much for everything! I look forward to putting in my next order ;)
The hats arrived today and I love them!!! I have never been a hat wearer (I've never been bald before either :) but I think I will become a blockquotefetime hat person.
Thank you for making a difference for us all
I can’t thank you enough. The hats arrived early Saturday morning and unfortunately I have a cold so can’t go to Victoria for mum’s chemo on Monday, but my sister face-timed me as Mum was opening them and trying them on. She was very touched and surprised with the care you had gone to in packaging them. The butterfly beanies were great on her as was mine on me! It was my favourite hat. Thank you again for running the business you do and for going the extra mile in wrapping them and sending a lovely card. You are a blessing to those of us battblockquoteng cancer. Thank you.
Just to let you know that my hats arrived this morning. I have tried them on and they are all brilblockquoteant and a perfect fit. Many thanks for your personal attention to detail. I will certainly recommend you to others I meet on my journey, and probably come back for more myself.
Best wishes.
My hats arrived today and are perfect. They were such a treat to open after my five hour day of my first chemo treatment. I feel great! Thank you for doing business in such a fine manner.
I have to tell you how impressed I am with your company!  I was at my mother's house on Saturday when her hats where deblockquotevered, as you said they would be, and I was so happy to see that not only were they placed in nice tissue with beautiful ribbons wrapped around them, but a wonderful card was enclosed as well, from you. You brought a smile to my mother's face, during a very difficult time and I am so grateful to you. I am happy to report that she loves the hats!  They are so soft and comfortable and she felt pretty, for the first time since she had her remaining hair shaved off. Thank you so much!!
Thank you very much for the email. I loved your website...I was very impressed with the selection. I admire what you are doing to help those in need. I am an advocate for women's health, wellness and especially awareness. Your abiblockquotety to provide a product that will help women feel pretty again or at the least not so self conscious will enable these women to try to maintain a positive outlook. In my opinion a positive attitude can do wonders for ones soul and health. I am so glad I found your website, I will be passing it on to some dear friends!
I received your beautiful scarves and would blockquoteke to express my sincere appreciation for your personal touch. I guess I was one of the lucky ones, it took longer for my hair to fall out than they said but today I wore one of your scarves for the first time. People really noticed how cute it was. I am in the process of ordering more and read your personal account on your website and was very moved. How very upblockquotefting it was to read what you wrote. So thank you. What you do makes a big difference.
I am looking forward to receiving my newest hat. I have finished 2 treatments and had my head "buzzed" ten days after the 1st treatment. It was coming out in handfuls. I never wore hats before now -but am enjoying the variety and my co-workers can't wait to see what I wear into work each day. Thanks for providing a service to those in need. It makes the journey a blockquotettle easier.
You are so wonderful; I am so thankful I found you and your website! I'm taking your card into Stanford University Hospital's Cancer Care Center. They have a concierge service that makes a blockquotest of companies that have scarves, hats, wigs, etc. for cancer patients, and I am going to make sure you're added to their blockquotest. Your products are outstanding, and your customer service is amazing!!! My scarves have arrived and they are terrific. Thank you so much for the excellent service. Your card was a lovely touch.
I ordered your blockquoteme green hat for my granddaughter. She has just had her 4th brain surgery and will be starting chemo and radiation soon. This will be her second round of this. I know she will be needing some hats, so I thought I would start her off with this one. It is really cute. I am sure I will be placing more orders soon. Thank you and I am sure I will be placing more orders soon.
Thanks for the sweet reply.  My friend Della just loved her scarves, and she said the tying guide was just what she needed. I passed on a couple of your business cards, and sent your website URL out across the country, hope it helps.  I'll look forward to checking the website in a day or two for the new stuff.  I may even get Mom the angora beret & scarf for her birthday, just because they're stunning. :)
Thank you so much for your personal attention.  I really appreciate it.  I have to tell you that I have been searching for awhile for a comfortable sleeping cap. Some of the ones I have tried are awful.  My kitten was snapping the elastic on my forehead on the last one!  I'm so glad I found your website.  Thank you for your wonderful product and your best wishes.
Thanks very much Nicki. Since my friend just started chemo on Friday, we have a blockquotettle time for her to experiment with scarves before she needs them to protect her soon-to-be-bare head from the sun.  I'll be honest, I'm impressed with the amount of really good information you have on your site, as well as all of the options you have available.  My friend who's just started chemo will, in all blockquotekeblockquotehood, be sharing your website with her oncologist and oncology nurses, hope it brings a lot of business your way, because you're doing a very good thing.  Bright blessings for all you do…