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In 1988, at the age of 35, I was diagnosed with stage 3 Ovarian cancer and underwent a full year of chemotherapy. I was a hairdresser from 1970 until 2016. For the last 25 years of my practice, I specialized in helping cancer and alopecia patients with wigs, hats and headscarves.

These experiences give me a unique and personal understanding of the trauma of hair loss, what works and what doesn't work when it comes to head coverings, and how to help you look and feel beautiful during this challenging time. For more of my personal story, click here to read "Choosing Life".

Though I was a hairdresser, I didn't have any more access to wigs than anyone else. I had worked with wigs back in the 70s, so I had some experience with cutting and styling them. On the last possible day I could have gone with my head uncovered, I went to a local wig shop and bought two wigs.

I dug an old Styrofoam head out of the closet and held it between my knees while I thinned each wig, pausing to run to the bathroom and throw up, then repeating the process until I had thinned each one by half. The long curly one made me look like Loretta Lynn's lost twin, and the short one looked like a fur hat.

I decided to try a scarf. I splurged on a beautiful Gloria Vanderbilt silk scarf, then found out the hard way that silk will not stay on a bald head. Those were the days before the miracle anti nausea drugs, so I was quite sick and easily fatigued. Going to the mall was a chore, but I finally found one scarf that would work. One, a large rayon square, that became my constant companion for the duration of my treatment.

In 2005, I was searching online for scarf suppliers, looking for the kind of big 40" square scarf I wore during treatment. I was shocked to see how sad and pathetic the online selection was at that time.

I decided to open a website to offer cute, fashionable hats for cancer patients. "Regular" hats that would work for cancer patients by offering a soft interior and full coverage over the ears and at the neckline.

I retired from hairdressing in 2016, after 45 years, to devote myself to my online business.


In addition to buying wholesale I now work with two different hat artisans in Bali as well as a fabulous Bali Batik shop creating my own private label hat and headscarf designs that you can't find anywhere else. I also import cotton scarves from India and Turkey exclusively for Hats, Scarves and More.

My goal in selecting hats and headscarves is to take headwear for cancer and alopecia patients out of the realm of hiding and covering up, to the truly cute and fabulous. I want my customers to look like they are wearing a hat or headscarf because they want to, not because they have to.

If you are newly diagnosed with cancer and don't know where to start, what you'll need, or what will look good on you, please go to my blog and read "Hair Loss Basics" then check out my category "Chemo Essentials" for my top recommendations on what you'll need to get started.

If you have any questions about any of my products, feel free to email me at nicki@hatsscarvesandmore.com or phone 877 838 6151.

Best Wishes,