Bali Batik Easy-Tie Head Scarves — Buy 3 Get 1 Free

Cooler than cotton or silk scarves, these ultra soft head scarves for women in lively batik prints make great head scarves for cancer patients for their softness, breathability and natural non-slip rayon fabric. A chemo headwear essential for warm weather.

Buy 3 get one free! $67.96 if purchased separately. Save $16.99. Makes an ideal gift for cancer patients.

How To Build Your Bali Batik Head Scarf Set
Step 1: Choose a color from the drop down menu of either the 27" x 27" OR the 15"x60" head scarf
Step 2: Click "Add"
Step 3: Repeat until you have 4 head scarves total
NOTE: You may choose any combination of 27" x 27" and/or 15" x 60" head scarves.
Step 4: Click "View Bundle Contents" to edit or remove items
Step 5: Click "Add to Cart"