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Cozy and cute

I love all of their fleece hats. They are soft and effortlessly cute. I get compliments on them all the time.

Blue grey Lady Rose Cloche

I bought this for the coming fall/winter, and am so excited to wear it! It is so pretty, and soft! I love all the scarves and hats I have gotten from Hats, scarves, and more. Everything I have bought from them has been so soft, and pretty. It makes my cancer journey with my hair loss easier and less painful on my self esteem.

Silky S.
Lady Rose Fleece Flower Cloche

This hat is very sweet. It is fleece and is warm and extremely soft. Knowing this is a take/off of one of the hats Lady Rose wore on Downton Abbey, it makes it more special. The hat is priced right and I received it in a couple of days. The package contained a hand/written thank-you for my purchase. Now I want the rest of the
collection.😊Thank you for great customer service!

Navy color works well with denim

Cute had that works well with navy. Denim is tricky because it can be a purple blue, black-blue, navy or lighter blue. This hat is a true navy. Will work well with most "blue jeans." The hat is casual, as it is made of fleece.

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