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Donna T.

I have worn wigs because of alopecia for 30 years. I have a petite size head and most wigs come in only average size, which is way too big for me, and taking out wefts and sewing my wigs back together is not only labor intensive, but they just never fit well. Plus, I favor wearing straight page boys, and they are always too flat on top. This wonderful product has solved all my problems!! It feels good on my scalp, and it keeps my wigs from slipping 100%! I will definitely be purchasing more. Also, another "trick" that really works is put the head cap on, then put a bright colored sleeping cap over that, allowing you to push the sides of your hair back for a very flattering look as well. Finally, someone has figured out what we wig wearers really need! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


Awesome people

B. H.
Perfect scarf hat

I love this scarf hat. I have chemo related hair loss and I have a larger head size. I was concerned that I would have to return it, but, it fits nicely. It’s the perfect lift to wear under scarves or cotton bandanas and gives the right amount of volume so that my head doesn’t appear bald. Very comfortable also.

P i.S.
Security with style

The Cool Wick Scarf Pad is thoughtfully designed, well made, and comfortable to wear. No more embarrassment from silky headwear slipping around or off. Fits discreetly under scarves and turbans. Just what I needed for a flattering silhouette!

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