COVID-19 Update

How we are handling health and safety concerns in light of the COVID-19 virus.

Here at Hats, Scarves & More we are sheltering in place. My team is working remotely. Kim, who wraps your beautiful packages will be working from home and I will be wrapping  your packages. They may not be as pretty as Kim's but there will be no interruption in your orders. 

I have now implemented an improved return policy. I don't offer free shipping on returns. However, I want to make returns as easy as possible for you and I want you to stay safe.

If you would like us to send you a postage paid return label via email that you can print and tape to your package, please reply to your email order or delivery confirmation and request a return label. if you no longer have those emails, email me at and request a return label.

We will deduct the shipping cost from your refund. You can then leave your package with your outgoing mail and that will save you a trip to the post office and standing in line. Also, we have better shipping rates than what you will get at the post office. A small item will usually ship for around $3 or less.

Of course, you do not need to use this service. You are still welcome to return your packages however is easiest for you.

Both Kim and I have had cancer and chemotherapy, so we know first-hand that people in chemotherapy have compromised immune systems so we have always practiced the highest standards of health and safety. In light of COVID-19 we stopped hugging, kept a 6 foot distance when possible and I began wiping all doorknobs and light switches twice daily with Clorox wipes.

My heart goes out to you at this time. I can only imagine how challenging it is for you to be in treatment for cancer, possibly facing surgery or have immune disorders on top of this pandemic. One crisis at a time, please.

Hats, Scarves and More is here for you. I will be getting your orders out, every business day, as we have always done. I am well stocked on most of my headwear, and have more on the way.

As for the safety of your packages, I have been monitoring the CDC updates and news daily. It is my understanding that though the virus can live up to 9 days on hard surfaces in ideal conditions, it's usually closer to 3-4 days, and far less on soft surfaces, such as fabrics.

This from Darshan Shab MD, founding director of Next Health.

"Although theoretically it's possible for coronavirus to get onto a package at the source of delivery, it's virtually impossible for the virus to survive due to the package going through harsh conditions in transit," says Darshan Shah, MD, founder and Medical Director at Next Health. "Mechanical, temperature, and humidity changes would likely kill the virus before it arrives at your doorstep."

If you have any concerns about receiving packages, please ask your doctor and follow his or her advice. 

We are living in an amazing paradox right now, where we have to keep a physical distance and see everyone as a possible carrier, yet we are all in this together and we must rely on each other to make it through. And we will. Human beings are resilient. We are truly our brothers and sisters keepers.

I'd like to share two resources to help you when you are feeling anxious.  

EFT or Tapping is a tool I use regularly. For more information go to the (The Tapping Solution)

I have just discovered an app called Insight Timer. It is full of free meditation music. I listen to them while falling asleep at night. If you are feeling anxious, pop in your ear buds and listen to soothing music or rain or bird song, take some deep breaths and try to bring your focus to the present moment.  

Best wishes,